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Event Packages

Event Package

Gain maximum exposure at events and exhibitions. Four different packages to choose from.

  • Instant Event Package
  • MX Package
  • Fully Printed Package
  • Impact Package

Packages from just £954

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Canopro Lite 5m x 2.5 Package

Canopro Lite 5m x 2.5m Package

Special price for 5m x 2.5m – Complete Package £420

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500D 4x4m - New Old Stock Factory Seconds at bargain prices

We have a limited amount of brand new 4x4m canopies and sides, in white, supplied with a Canopro Elite Frame. The sides can have an issue with the window material, the factory manufactured with a material not too Surf & Turfs high specification.

We can now offer these new old stock factory seconds at a heavily discounted price.

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