Shopping For A Shelter On A Budget

At some point or another, every company feels the pull of an exhibitor role. But to mingle with the brightest stars in your industry, you need the best facilities. With superb shelters, smaller fresh-faced competitors can sneak under the nose of the Big Fish and nab a fair share of exhibitor interest.

For some, however, these dreams fall into a sinkhole of negative £ signs. It’s common to feel despondent at the thought of not being able to afford a good promo stand, especially when you have something to prove.

So stay positive by following our advice for shelter shopping on a budget…

A lighter base for your brand

Surf & Turf know why shelter purchases can make you (and your bank account) quiver slightly. Some products can punch above the £600 mark, just for the basic ‘four walls’ setup needed in all-weather events. They’ll give you a canopy, a specialised steel support frame, and – if they’re worth investment – some tailored printing options.

Prices and size are synonymous, in most cases. The more space you want, the greater amount you’ll be spending. A limited events budget can therefore do just as well with a modest events shelter, as long as you make it look incredible so it brings out the central promise of your brand.

Ditch the larger models, then, and go for something like the Canopro Lite 2m x 3m, which starts from £305 for the standard kit. A 1.3mm aluminium-gauge frame ensures it’s robust enough for any conditions, whilst a quick-release function simplifies the setting up/taking down process. Upgrade to four printed side walls for an extra £74.

In terms of another pick, we suggest the Canopro Compact 2m x 2m – it’s a few kg lighter, and folds up into a tighter shape for easy transport. Snap up the full Compact package for £369.

Cost-friendly showcase accessories

We’ve mentioned the aesthetics of your shelter are just as important as size or structure. With that in mind, it’s helpful to explore some low-cost branding bits and pieces that can support your main shelter at various event spots.

You might start by looking at Promotional Banners, which can come in a range of shapes and printed specs. Our Oval style, for instance, is built to 1200mm x 700m proportions, available at £136. You can lay it at the immediate walkway of your exhibition area, guiding people to your stand and telling them what they have to look forward to.

Or instead, drink in the possibilities of an Events Flag – again, starting at a low price for the more constrained budget. Surf & Turf flags begin at £65 (small, single-sided printing), moving up to £149 for the large double-side option. Together, these materials will furnish the creative face of your events plan, and make use of any visual stimuli you’re cooking up.

By appraising the full scale of events opportunities, it’s possible to keep your heart burning with a fabulous investment prospect. Don’t let a lack of pennies take away the love, hope and tenacity of whatever an exhibition could do for your team. Browse our store for more inspiration, or call us for cost-sensitive tips and purchases.

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How To Perfect Your Motorsport Paddock

Behind every racing champion is a talented team. For every Sebastien Loeb, Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi, there’s a set of dexterous hands at work, building and maintaining the vehicles that put these drivers on the podiums.

Surf & Turf supply the kind of outstanding equipment that accelerates, facilitates and enhances motorsport construction/repair. A smartly stocked enclosure is essential to racing success, and our products are designed specifically to help you set up a paddock that screams “winner”.

Remember, a superior workspace always gives your driver a better chance of seeing that chequered flag before anybody else…

Grand Prix Workbench

The Grand Prix Workbench separates those who talk the torque from those who walk the walk. Available in 2 different sizes (1.2 and 1.8m), these resilient, robust counters offer you a suitable surface for stowing items and tinkering with parts.

Ideal for karting, MX and motorsport events, these portable pit benches fold flat quickly and easily, fitted with tough steel worktops, zinc-coated box sections, and three shelves for storing multiple products.

Paddock Bench

A real industry favourite, Surf & Turf Paddock Benches have been used by MX GP world teams for several years, functioning as dependable tool storage spots (no matter what vehicle you might be revving up).

Manufactured with galvanised steel, these paddock benches also arrive with specially designed legs; ensuring maximum stability when upright but folding flat at a moment’s notice. At 80 x 93 x 44cm, these benches are compact enough to fit comfortably below any expo/event shelter, yet spacious enough to accommodate most toolboxes.

Director’s Chair

Whether you’re a racing driver, vehicle tuner or promo pusher at a motorsport event, it’s crucial to keep your body in the best possible shape so you can ensure optimum performance. Practice and a healthy diet go a long way, but taking care of your physique also involves using seats that adequately support your back and frame.

Built with top-rate aluminium material, an extra-large seat and a cushioned backrest, the Director’s Chair is the perfect solution for motorsports expos and events. One of the biggest and most comfortable seats of its kind on the market, this chair is also available in multiple colours, allowing you to deck out your paddock with a shaded seat that matches your brand/racing gear.

When it comes to creating a premium paddock for any motorsport event, it’s crucial to have equipment on hand that can help both you and your team yield success. If you’re looking for great guidance on racing event accessories, all you need to do is get in touch with the Surf & Turf team on 01925 819608. We’d be delighted to answer any questions. There’s nothing we’d love more than to help you turn your racing workstation into the place where medals are made.

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It’s A Wrap: Everything You Need To Know About Valance Wrap Banners

At Surf & Turf, we’re used to hearing people talk about a ‘wraparound marketing strategy’ – that is, the desire for rounded, complementary branding that forms something customers can relate to. Yet in the context of events, this goal has a far more literal source of success…

It comes in the form of valance wrap banners: a great ingredient to your exhibition. They ensure your shelter, stand and secondary materials have one last capper on their mission to display your best professional qualities.

Never heard of valance wraps before? No problem – we’re going to walk you through why they’re so good.

Wrapping our heads around the basics

First off, we have to approach the definition of a ‘valance wrap banner.’ There’s little point talking about their virtues if you aren’t wholly sure what they are.

The Surf & Turf team like to imagine them as a quick, non-permanent addition to your shelter design. If the main shelter is the burning sun of your promotional identity, think of wrap banners as the brief comet crossing its upper half: a little extra that can still induce awe before it disappears, making way for something else.

Valance banners are attached to the frame of the shelter canopy. They function as a decorative line above your entrance and side walls. Companies like ours, who sell Instant Shelters, gazebos and inflatables, have matching valance wraps to fit the dimensions of the piece (1.5m x 1.5m, 4.5m x 3m etc.).

Usually, they’re fixed onto the canopy edge with Velcro; that means you can remove and reattach them for each event. The purpose is always the same – to empower your branding arsenal – but, since you can choose tailored prints for every banner, the messages may be different.

Why and how should I use them?

Keeping to this vein, we can begin to think of multiple tones, styles or product/service offers that are appropriate to the event you choose. Valance wrap banners are good as a swift, concise reminder of why a brand is worth a look-in. You may want to change that all-important rhetoric or visual impetus for new environments – a Freshers’ Week stand on a university campus, for example, or a tagline that hits the corporate market harder than B2C demographics.

Valance wraps are an affordable way to differentiate a shelter from its regular, featureless cousins. Branding the whole canopy is more expensive, plus it’s permanent; therefore, these wraps offer flexible means to give your audience what they want, ideal if you have more than one demographic.

Thirdly, the colours, ideas and motifs you can create are really vivid – as long as you choose an experienced valance wrap printer like us. Surf & Turf can take almost any concept you’re set on, and proof it for the banner wrap design that’ll slip most perfectly into the rest of your events aesthetic.

Curious? Get the precise, incredible valance banner wrap you’ve always wanted, if you didn’t know it till now! Call our team on 01925 819608 or leave us a request today before another event muscles into your professional life.

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Forget The Wet: Tools To Help You Survive Rainy Season

Drip, splash, squelch. This trio of soggy sounds are ubiquitous in British autumn. The heavens can open for days at a time, meaning we have to find ways to deal with the problems that rainy season poses: leaks, puddles, and perhaps even potential flooding.

The last thing you need is your event/exhibition stall succumbing to bad weather. Fortunately, that’s where we can help. We’ve got all the supplies you could possibly need here at Surf & Turf to help you forget the wet – keeping you, your team, and your visitors bone dry.

Rain gutters

If you’re tying two instant shelters together to create an attractive undercover event space, there’s always the risk of leaking at the attachment point. Heavy rainfall can lead to high amounts of moisture gathering on the surface, creating a potential hazard as water drips through to the floors and surrounding areas of your shelter.

At Surf & Turf, we store specialised rain gutters designed to solve this dilemma. Built with rapid-speed set-up in mind, these rain-channelling devices are easy to fasten to your instant shelter, utilising a Velcro strap. If you’re anticipating particularly testing conditions, our elite rain gutters are the highly toughened, sharper alternative.


People often associate parasols with the sunshine, but the models we have here at Surf & Turf are equally suited to drizzle and downpours – offering you the chance to build a cosy, covered outdoor arena for staff and visitors.

Suitable for both residential and commercial use, our parasols are constructed with premium-grade water-resistant materials and are ready to order in a number of different sizes – with full printing and branding options to boot. You can also pick out various base plates and take advantage of protective cover bags to keep your parasol dry outside of event hours.

Repair kits

When the rain comes tumbling down, any stall or stand is prone to potential damage. Excessive damp can weaken material and loosen fittings, which is why you always need to have a repair kit on hand for the worst-case scenario.

Here at Surf & Turf, we have repair kits for instant shelters and inflatables available, offering you the essentials required to fix problems quickly so you can avoid shutting your stall down in adverse weather. Every kit comes with water-tight adhesive coverings, tape, a tube of repair adhesive, and disposable gloves for safe, hygienic mending work.

Prepare for the wet today and ensure your stall remains immune to the troublesome autumn weather. If you need any assistance sourcing the types of rain-proof products that can help you survive below darkened skies, give the Surf & Turf team a call on 01925 819 608 or send an email to We’d be delighted to tell you all about the different types of waterproof products we have in stock.

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The Secret To A Successful Sports Stall

Goal! Hole in one! Slam dunk! These are the exclamations you could be teeing off at a fantastic exhibition. The challenge is finding a stall that shows what your brand is capable of – and a sports-themed offering, more than most, has to be bright, fun and ready to inspire.

Luckily, thanks to events experts like us, you’ll find lots of ways to spruce up your sports stand. Whether you’re a team, charity or business, here are a few ideas that can help you draw in a raft of interest.

Athlete-friendly flooring

Indoor events aren’t that much of an issue: anyone can stop by and see what you’re up to. But outdoor gatherings are harder to prepare for, since there’s the chance of mud, rain and soaked-through shoes. We recommend buying some adaptable sports flooring to build a space – both inside and beyond the main shelter – that’s kind to trainers, saving them from a washout.

Floor panels can be clipped together in shades of red, grey, green or black; whatever suits the aesthetic of your brand or team colours. In addition to the protective layer they put between players/delegates and the ground, sports floor tiles can take the shock of running feet, keeping people agile if you’ve set up an ad hoc court for a game.

Branded flags for a clear message

What can bring a sense of occasion? That’s right: giant flags printed with the core of your visual branding! Hoisted above your stand, they mark the ceremonious attitude of the fact that you’re there – and ready – to put a unique spin on a sporting event.

Flags can also be used to designate milestones on a cross-country route, or declare boundaries that people should pay attention to. Surf & Turf can design tailored, eye-popping promotional flags from any graphics you want to include. This might be a team name, an introductory tagline for a product… the possibilities are endless.

Inflatables with plenty of style

Sports fans respond well to physical energy. In practical terms, this may lead you away from more traditional shelter models for your HQ, and open the possibilities of an inflatable shelter unit. The Expo Dome, for instance, has a curved shape that’s better suited to the implications of sporting endeavour i.e. that games are meant to test our limits, not put us in a box…

That’s matched by the removable wall sections around the centre point, which can be taken away for a freer feel. What’s more, the Expo Dome inflates within a couple of minutes, so you can take your stand to wherever it’s best served. Again, personalised branding is available to maximise appeal.

The choice is down to you, of course, but we love debating the big wins of a sporting exhibition, and how we can help you achieve them. The ball’s in your court now… Call our team to discuss anything we’ve raised, or browse our store for some of the most prestigious events kit in the UK.

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Whatever The Weather: Best Shelters For Every Season

Come rain, sleet or shine, there’s no stopping your event schedule. Or at least, there shouldn’t be: your business/charity/sports team has too much riding on these efforts at growing your audience. Dark clouds have no place ruining a shelter kit that’s worth your investment.

Saying that, though, we don’t want to leave delegates feeling boxed in when they don’t have to be – your stand should have a bright, welcoming mood all year round. So it’s surely best to go for shelters that can do well in any weather…

How do you find them? It’s a fair question, which is why the Surf & Turf team have compiled our top all-season shelter picks.

Canopro Elite w/ Extended Rain Canopy

Countless clients have seen what the Canopro range can do for their stability and brand presence. The frame is built from 2mm gauge aluminium, more than enough to withstand a mid-level breeze. We can customise any branding on the sides and roof – a great benefit when you consider the shelter stands over 3 metres from the ground when erected.

To prepare for lashing rain, we suggest buying the canopy variant, there for extending or retracting. A 6m x 3m model (with a rain canopy, anchor kit and joint protectors) adds up to less than £800. For regular exhibitors, it’s not to be sniffed at.

Robusta Compact

For a smaller brand base, check out the Robusta Compact model – the clue is in the name! When this arrives, it’ll come with fully waterproof canopy attachments, so you can wall it in if there’s a shower on the horizon, or open it up when the sun’s blazing. Each of these are supported by special, reinforced zip features, and a waterproof carry bag for transport.

There are bigger Robusta shelters, of course, yet we’re a fan of this more modest design for those who like to pack up and switch up in a flash. When you’re eager to de-camp for a better spot, take advantage of the quick-pull pin fixes that make this shelter a (convenient) pleasure to use.

Canopro Lite Clear

Don’t confuse our lite and elite designs… They’re subtly different, mostly because of the thinner aluminium legs (1.6mm for the Lite version) and, therefore, less weight when carrying it from one place to another.

However, for all-season mastery, the Canopro Clear Lite has an ace up its sleeve: transparent sides that’ll show off your display piece when it’s tucked under the canopy roof! Anyone strolling past will see what you have to offer, whether it’s a jam collection, dirt bike, or any sort of towering business display. In essence, you’re able to keep the shelter light, dry and product-centric, which is key for brands that don’t want to lose any of their lustre through the day.

Found a shelter on our list that’ll do the trick for your event plan? Maybe you want to see what else is on offer? Browse our online store to get the real picture of what Surf & Turf is made of…

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A Weight Off Your Mind: Ways To Strengthen Your Shelter

Wherever you set up an outdoor shelter, it’s crucial to keep the surrounding conditions in mind. Howling winds, tumbling detritus, and even pushing punters can all exert pressure on any quality shelter, leading to damage, or, in the worst-case scenario, complete collapse.

Fortunately, you can take a weight off your mind before your next exhibition by investing in some superb support systems. Listed here are some of the very best products for strengthening your shelter in even the most difficult environments.

Keep things tied down

If you’re propping up your instant shelter on a hard standing surface (like a car park or tarmac), you won’t enjoy the same sort of grip as you’d get on a field or grassy bank. When a wind rolls in, anchoring your shelter to the floor is a much more difficult task – and this is where stackable weights can prove so useful. These 12kg accessories come in pairs, clipping comfortably onto instant shelters to offer invaluable resistance against increased pressure.

For a more economical solution, deluxe sand bags are similarly effective. These affordable tubes simply need to be filled with gravel and then attached to the shelter with accompanying straps, offering superb value for money.

A strong connection

Running a bigger-style exhibition stand with two (or more) shelters involves connecting them together – and you’ll need some sort of guarantee that the link between won’t falter in the face of trying conditions. In this scenario, double weights are the answer. These products are specially designed with cut-outs on either side, combining multiple shelters and solidifying the connection point between them.

Strap into position

It’s great to ensure things down at the base of your shelter are safe and secure, but what about the top end? There’s nothing more distracting than your roof and side walls fluttering whilst you’re trying to do business and talk to interested parties, after all. A heavy duty anchor kit can ensure this never has to happen, strapping safely around the shelter frame to offer maximum support from top to bottom.

Patch up like a pro

If a sharp object comes into contact with the fabric of your instant shelter, there’s always the risk that the material could be left with tear marks. By carrying a repair kit with you wherever you set up shop, you’ll be able to patch up your shelter with aplomb in a moment’s notice.

Every repair kit comes with adhesive patches, repair tapes, tube of flexible repair adhesive, and a pair of disposable gloves – allowing you to make quick fixes with ease.

Don’t let testing conditions prevent you from effectively running your exhibition stands and promotion campaigns. Stock up on shelter security accessories from Surf & Turf today and keep the business coming in. If you have any questions, give us a call on 01925 819608 for more information, or email

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Keep Cool And Carry On: Popular Shelter Solutions For Summer

Shelter is essential for all seasons when you’re manning an event stall. British weather is predictably unpredictable after all, and has a habit of showering us with rain in summer and beaming baking rays of sunshine upon us in autumn. The point is: you need to be prepared all year round when you’re showcasing your brand. And the best way to do that is with a superb shelter solution.

Listed here are some of the very best shelter options for every kind of event, helping you stay cool and dry during the oh-so-indecisive UK summer climate, whatever temperatures might come your way.

Instant shelters with integrity

An instant shelter does what it says on the tin – offering sanctuary from sunshine or rain in swift, simple fashion. The fact that instant shelters can be set up so quickly is a big plus point, allowing you to get ready right away to welcome consumers. But another great thing about instant shelters is that they come in such a diverse range of shapes and sizes – which means you can find the right design for your desires and brand look.

At Surf & Turf we have all kinds of pop-up gazebos and mini marquees for every occasion, ranging from high-end structures like the Regal Instant Shelter, to budget solutions like the Superlite Instant Shelter. Most designs come with waterproof and temperature controlling features, with the Canopro and Robusta models proving particularly popular for summer events.

Powerful parasols

Parasols fly off the shelves during the hotter months as organisations look to keep their stalls, stands, and welcome desks safe from the sun. All the parasols at Surf & Turf are versatile and strong, boasting water and UV resistant properties that render them perfect for various outdoor events in contrasting conditions (base plates are also available for soft and hard surfaces alike). Our printing and branding services allow you to create the perfect parasol and offer maximum exposure for your brand.

Eye-catching inflatables

If you’re looking for an offbeat shelter with a breezy summer vibe, it’s worth perusing the eye-catching range of inflatables for your event setup. From Expo Domes to Impact Cubes to Awnings, you’ll be able to find a design that fits your brand in just the right way, blurring the line between approachability and professionalism.

Inflatables are best-suited for dryer occasions, but can comfortably withstand any lengthy bouts of rainfall that might descend without warning. If you’re promoting your organisation at night-time, the GYBE Inflatable Star Tent is a great choice, with an additional light column feature letting you brighten your stall with glowing LEDs to help you stand out from the competition.

All these terrific shelters and more are available right here at Surf & Turf. Take a look around our website to find the solution that’s right for you and your brand, or get in touch with the team for some shelter shopping guidance.

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How To Create A Stunning Stall At Your Local Market

Local markets are dominating Britain’s high streets once more, and they certainly haven’t lost any of their charm. People still venture from far and wide to visit bazaars with reputations, and when the crowds come a-calling, it’s up to you to make your stall as engaging as possible.

Wondering how to increase footfall at your stall? Here are a few suggestions on how to jazz up your stand and turn hundreds of heads at the next local market.

Show ‘em what you got

“Never judge a book by its cover” is a well-known and oft-true expression, but it’s never at the forefront of market visitors’ minds. If a stall looks pretty, they’ll take an interest. If a stand is rough around the edges, they’ll shuffle on without a second thought.

Rightly or wrongly, the overall success of a market stall hinges on its appearance. By decking out the sides with feather flags, displaying your brand name with shop front banners, and showing off your selection of products on a propped-up poster board, you can tickle the interest of passers-by without even opening your mouth.

Stay popular – whatever the weather

Bad weather is often to blame for bad business at local markets. This is why it’s worth considering items that can protect your stall in the event of rainy skies and blustery winds.

Bespoke instant shelters are perfect for keeping your stall warm and dry, with custom-made designs allowing you to tailor the dimensions to your desires. You can actively steer water away from your tent by getting your hands on some rain gutters, which are designed to attach to the Velcro inside the pelmet of Surf & Turf instant shelters.

Keep the queues moving

Enticing people to your stall is the first tricky task, but the second is making sure they’re happy to stay there. A lengthy, disorganised queue can be enough to deter somebody with the patience of a saint, so if you’re managing to lure in a decent crowd, keep the queue organised by using café barriers.

It’s also worth strategically placing a few visual aids like inflatable light tubes or promotional flags either side of the queuing line, as this gives customers something to look at whilst they’re waiting to be served.

Positioning a couple of exhibition tables alongside your stall can also ease congestion, especially if you’re serving food and drink. These tables can be used to stow cutlery, sauces, napkins, and condiments, which prevents customers from having to reach into your stall to grab what they need.

Turning your market stall into a work of art is simple and affordable with Surf & Turf. To revamp your presence, browse our website, or get in touch with the team today. Together, we can help you build the kind of market stand that people will remember.

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Why Charities Absolutely Need The Best Events Kit

“Love is all we need,” a famous Liverpudlian once sang, but he was only halfway to the truth. Charity work, being a genuine, altruistic force, can get by on goodwill up to a point. Yet when you’re rubbing shoulders with other stands at a big event, people won’t just flock to your great intentions…

In reality, you’re under the exact same pressure as a for-profit business, forced to make a visual statement for your charity’s appeal. Nothing quite lands the same punch as creative events gear – let’s show you why it’s necessary, and what you should invest in.

Showing what you stand for

You don’t have to be modest when you have a lot to say about certain issues. Sitting next to commercial stands should push your competitive streak. Buy an Instant Shelter, first of all, with a bespoke print on the sides and canopy to announce yourself. Our models are light enough to be deployed anywhere in minutes: perfect for a pop-up community event!

The graphics should present your logo, at the very least, and a motto that drives home the scope of your activities. Invest in a Sky Banner for maximum impact; this is where that tagline or motto can come into its own, rearing above the mass of identikit event stalls.

Taking time-out with your prospects

Stopping passers-by for a chat is infinitely easier if you have an inviting set-up that will encourage people to pause their day for a conversation. This can be achieved with an Impact Cube, which inflates to a boxy, PVC-based charity hub, should you wish it to.

Whenever anyone steps inside, it’ll feel like you and they are in close communion, ideal for convincing an attendee that what you’re doing is worth their time. Fix a run of LED Lighting inside to heighten the mood: your shelter will be especially vibrant when the sun goes down.

Making your sporting displays fun and practical

A lot of non-for-profit organisations engage with their audience through games, challenges and team sports. If this relates to you – and we heartily recommend it, by the way – then it’s worth purchasing some specialised events equipment, like an ad hoc section of Sports Flooring to keep everyone’s shoes dry and fleet-footed.

For running or cycling competitions, set an Inflatable Arch at either end of your race track. The flanks of the route can be laid with PVC Banners that repeat your message to the crowd, so no-one’s in any doubt of why this event is happening, and what the stakes are.

In a sense, you have a leg-up over your corporate competitors – all of your motives are purely selfless! As long as you can exude this quality, and sharpen the eye-grabbing nature of your charity stand, then those donations are yours for the taking… Contact Surf & Turf to learn about our work with charities across the UK, and how your next fundraiser might look.

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